Saturday, November 17, 2012

We are having a problem with Louie. He's a wonderful snuggler with humans, and very playful. But when he sees Skootch he makes a beeline for him and attacks. I know he's just a kitten, but I feel terrible for Skootch. He was here first. He also doesn't have a cat "voice: he can't meow or growl, so the only way he can stand up to Louie vocally is to hiss. Louie keeps chasing Skootch up to the highest furniture, but now he's strong enough to jump up there, too! The hissing is pretty ineffective at this point.
I feel awful to have done this to my beloved Skootch. He has always been a scaredy cat. That was fine with Lucy - she could boss him around and be the alpha cat and he was fine with her. But now he is almost 14 and I've introduced this ninja kitten. I have been using Jackson Galaxy spirit essence drops for both cats. I keep them apart at mealtimes. I let Skootch have the run of the house at night and when we are away. I play a lot with Louie to tire him out, but as as soon as he senses Skootch walking around he goes into high alert attack mode and chases him. Louie may be smaller than Skootch by quite a bit, but he now weighs almost as much. Skootch's eating problems were pretty much gone and he HAD been putting on weight before Louie showed up. Now we're into the extreme coaxing at mealtime, just to get him to eat anything. If Louie is in the area when Skootch needs the litter box, he attacks him there.
I don't know what to do.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

About 2 hours after I posted last night, Lucy passed away in John's arms. I had been giving him almost hourly updates during the day because she was in such distress, and after we got her diagnosis at the vet I called him. When we got home I called again and told him to hurry. Dr. Jeff was ready to come over whenever we called, but it turns out Lucy was just waiting for her Daddy to come home. Almost as soon as he picked her up, she had a spasm and died. I suppose this was the best way. I truly think she waited. Skootchie is very upset. I called him down for dinner but he wouldn't eat for a couple of hours. Finally, with lots of coaxing, he ate. Again this morning he wouldn't come down for breakfast (how I long for the days when he would wake me up in the wee hours!). He is clearly upset, and of course he can sense how sad we are. 
This morning we took Lucy to the Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery (the oldest one in the U.S.) to have her cremated, John's choice. He is really broken up. He was there when she was born, and again when she died. 
I am hoping Skootch can rebound a bit before we leave on Saturday. Maybe it's good we're going away - we all need some grieving and healing time. John's mom is a real cat person, so it will be good to stay with her. 
Soon I'll post a more fitting tribute for Lucy...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It is with a huge lump in my throat as I write that Lucy has acute kidney failure. I knew it was bad - she has been crying and wailing on and off today, and her little legs just aren't working. There may be some other stuff going on, or something that triggered it, but she has had chronic renal failure signs for at least a year and a half. I got an emergency visit with Dr. Jeff, and the blood test confirmed it.
Poor thing. I have her with me in my studio room - I put a heating pad under a towel and she's lying on that. She has these little spasms every once in a while. The vet gave her a painkiller that will last 12 hours. John is taking tomorrow off from work. She's his kitty, and I can't go through this alone. I'm so sad, and tomorrow will be worse. This comes at a terrible time, just when we were going on a week's vacation [to see John's relatives] in California. Skootch will be alone, and he is just recovering from his latest health issues. Ever since I got him as a kitten, Lucy was his pal. Even though they were never best buddies, she is cat company. The last two days he has been very solicitous of her - cuddling next to her (a FIRST!), and sitting near her keeping a vigil. He knows something is wrong. 
Thank you all so much for your concern. It is comforting to know you are out there somewhere. I have sent condolences to some of you recently. All I can say is, losing a pet is a very painful thing. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

We're going back to the vet tomorrow morning. I am convinced it's something in his mouth. Paws crossed. Purrs and prayers much appreciated.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Since I last posted, we had a miserable night [last night]. John thought Skootch was not long for this world. He wouldn't even lick gravy off my finger - turned his head away and shuddered. Then I noticed he was drooling and shaking. He went under the dining room table and was drooling. I thought about spending the night with him under the table, then decided to go up to bed. I cried myself to sleep.
This morning I went looking for him, expecting a dead cat. Couldn't find him anywhere downstairs, found him under a dresser in our bedroom, still alive. He spent most of the day on our upstairs futon. I tried smearing a little gravy on his mouth, and he would drool and and whimper. Tonight a friend came over and helped me hydrate him (my first time doing THAT!). We'll see. I'm canceling all my plans for the next couple of days. So glad I work at home.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Since our blissful, quiet Saturday afternoon Skootch has had distressing health problems. Saturday morning was the last meal he has eaten. He has been vomiting and in distress. I have taken him to the vet twice in the past 24 hours. He's had x-rays, blood work, anti-yakking meds (twice!), ultra sound and fluids. They can't find ANYTHING. I have racked up a huge vet bill. I would feel better about the bill if they had found something, anything that was wrong. At this point I feel emotionally spent and depressed. I am also distracted, trying to get work done, but not able to concentrate. I keep thinking I hear him throwing up again. Wah. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I made a VET appointment for Skootch tomorrow morning. He has been hiding in the bedroom closet since yesterday morning, not eating and avoiding me. I'm worried about his bloody mat, that maybe it has become infected. John and I treated it on again on Sunday with a little bit of peroxide, so it should be better. I'm a worried mom. Now I'm worried that the VET might want to remove it and stitch Skootch and he'll have to wear a collar and take medicine and he will go into a decline the way he ALWAYS does when he goes to the VET. Can't win. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mom will be away for a week in Vermont, so we won't be blogging until she gets back. We will be following other blogs and we'll have a LOT to say in September!! Don't go away!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

We have been trying to get Mom to post, but things have been very busy around here lately. Dad's relatives are here from out-of-town, and there are a lot of strange people coming and going in our house. Mom will post next week. She's feeling a bit overwhelmed. We are getting lots of extra pats and compliments from the visitors! They are good cat people, even if it is a bit scary having strangers around (especially at mealtimes!).
See you next week!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Very sad day. Today we lost Maurice Sendak - a true giant in children's book writing and illustration. R.I.P. Maurice.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mom has been working on projects, and her Sunday music stuff has been keeping her busy, too. She PROMISED she'll post more often for us when she's done. She EVEN talked about doing five days in a row next week! Meanwhile, spring birdies are providing some diversion............