Thursday, July 16, 2015

Catching up, #4

As I sat in the kitchen with my crossword, I became aware of an odd ticking clicking sound, kind of like a cricket. I looked into the dining room and saw Wilbur playing with something. Then I realized it was a critter, and then I realized it was a bat!! I shrieked and scared Wilbur away. The poor bat was injured - it tried to fly, but it could only hop. I scooped it into a box and tossed it out the door into a bush. Then I called the vet. I didn't know if Wilbur had brought it down (or one of the other cats), if it had bitten him, if it was rabid ...... The vet said that since Louie and Skootch had both had their rabies shots that week, they were protected. But since Wilbur hadn't gone in and had his shots, he had to be in QUARANTINE for SIX MONTHS! For an indoor cat, that's what I call a pass, but they told me to observe him for any abnormal behavior, and not to let him bite his brothers (HAH, he bites Skootch almost daily!). So there. I don't think the bat was rabid, but those are the rules. I even got a follow-up call from the state department of health. And in six months, I have to bring him to the vet to get his shots. Great, I can't wait.