Saturday, November 17, 2012

We are having a problem with Louie. He's a wonderful snuggler with humans, and very playful. But when he sees Skootch he makes a beeline for him and attacks. I know he's just a kitten, but I feel terrible for Skootch. He was here first. He also doesn't have a cat "voice: he can't meow or growl, so the only way he can stand up to Louie vocally is to hiss. Louie keeps chasing Skootch up to the highest furniture, but now he's strong enough to jump up there, too! The hissing is pretty ineffective at this point.
I feel awful to have done this to my beloved Skootch. He has always been a scaredy cat. That was fine with Lucy - she could boss him around and be the alpha cat and he was fine with her. But now he is almost 14 and I've introduced this ninja kitten. I have been using Jackson Galaxy spirit essence drops for both cats. I keep them apart at mealtimes. I let Skootch have the run of the house at night and when we are away. I play a lot with Louie to tire him out, but as as soon as he senses Skootch walking around he goes into high alert attack mode and chases him. Louie may be smaller than Skootch by quite a bit, but he now weighs almost as much. Skootch's eating problems were pretty much gone and he HAD been putting on weight before Louie showed up. Now we're into the extreme coaxing at mealtime, just to get him to eat anything. If Louie is in the area when Skootch needs the litter box, he attacks him there.
I don't know what to do.