Sunday, November 20, 2011

We have gotten through the weekend without incident! Skootch has maintained his newfound enthusiasm for food. Tomorrow evening is the next time I can give him another appetite stimulant pill. I will give it to him if he seems to lose interest in food - he needs to make up some ground and fatten up.
With all those phone calls and trips to the vet last week I managed to neglect my work (and the blog), and next week will bring more distractions related to Thanksgiving. I will try my best to make up for lost hours and catch up to my deadlines. Thank you all so much for your concern for Skootch! He has always been the more "delicate" of the two cats health-wise (with less meat on his bones), and I am a hovering mother when the kitties are under the weather. Skootch wants to resume his shelter story, and Lucy is getting jealous of all the attention he's been getting, so she will have to have her moment next.
Stay tuned!

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