Friday, November 18, 2011

Well, maybe we spoke too soon. My morning was all about another trip to the vet for fluids and another anti-yakking shot. Yes, he ate a LITTLE bit, and then yakked it up. Wah. He ate a little more when we got home - the NEXT step is appetite stimulant pill - and we'll wait until Dad gets home to help administer THAT!!


  1. We is still purraying for all of yous! Poor Skootch!

  2. Darn. Well, we will keep purring and praying for Skootch!

  3. The vet thinks it's a vicious cycle: once he started yakking he couldn't stop. And then, since his belly was empty, he got stomach acid build-up which made him feel nauseous. So when he ate something it landed in the stomach acid and made him want to yak some more. I DID find a hairball last night, which tells me that's what started it. Apparently if we can stimulate his appetite he should start to feel better and stronger. Fingers crossed.

  4. I have been following this but not commenting. I am praying that Skootch shows improvement. Do you know Admiral Hestorb? She also has to take appetite stimulant pills.
    Sending you healing purrs.

  5. Sending positive thoughts to Skootch!

    Our cat was wasting away about a year ago. Skin and bones, listless...The vets could not find out what was wrong with her. Our last resort was prednisone. She made a total recovery and the best thing was the prednisone was tuna flavored so I would put her dose in a small dish and she would take it on her own.